F1 chief slams Abu Dhabi GP 'entertainment'

Chase Carey

06.12. - Formula 1

Formula 1 boss Chase Carey has admitted that the lack of entertainment at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix showed why the sport has to change.

Speaking at the BRDC Awards on Monday, Carey insisted that, despite a lack of consensus on the details of how to produce a better spectacle, F1 teams understand the need to create closer competition and more entertaining races.
"Abu Dhabi puts on a great show and a great event," Carey said. "But the race in Abu Dhabi was not what we want in the sport today.
"And I think there's broad-based agreement amongst the teams.
"Obviously on specifics there'll be differences, but there's broad-based agreement on things we need to do to make the competition better, make the action better, make the sport more captivating, have other cars have a chance to win, have the unexpected happen, and have events happen on the track that really live up to what makes F1 so special.
"Everybody knows the initiatives we have in terms of engines and costs and rules and the like. We're all driving to achieve that."

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