Toro Rosso must drop Kvyat - Villeneuve

Daniil Kvyat  Daniil Kvyat

17.07. - Formula 1

Toro Rosso must drop Daniil Kvyat for a period of time after another poor weekend at Silverstone, according to Jacques Villeneuve.

The Russian has hit the headlines for his actions both on and off the track this season and his performance over the weekend at the British Grand Prix was no different.
The 23-year-old collided with team-mate Carlos Sainz Jr on the opening lap after he ran wide and came back onto the track with the Spaniard alongside him.
Sainz was subsequently ruled out of the race and Kvyat managed to continue with a damaged car, although he was given a drivethrough penalty for returning dangerously to the track.
Kvyat said he felt his team-mate could have anticipated the situation better, while Sainz fefused to comment about the incident in public.
Villeneuve, who won the world title in 1997, believes Toro Rosso need to make a bold decision with Kvyat to ensure he understands the full ramifications of his actions.
"I'm not sure what Kvyat is trying to do," Villeneuve said.
"Do you know what the worst aspect of it is? He then comes on the radio trying to put the blame on his team-mate, thinking no one has seen it.
"That shows a bad attitude. He deserves to stay home. It has become embarrassing.
"He got sideways when he got back in the next corner and if Sainz had not been there, he would have gone off anyway.
"He should be left home for a bit so he can think about it because it's not the first weekend he's been a bit over the top.
"Maybe F1 is too fast for him, I don't know."

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