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There are many different ways to place a bet and many different strategies which can now be employed to record a profit from the bookmakers.

In days of yore, all you could do was back an outcome and hope it came in. Nowadays, with the rise of the betting exchange, you can bet against an outcome too and this has altered the world of betting. Betfair are now market leaders in LAY betting and our Betfair Betting Guide gives the novice an in-depth introduction regarding how to use the site. Furthermore, the rise of betfair has introduced the concept of Matched Betting to the punter and this means it is now possible to guarantee a profit from online gaming.

Online betting is now a multinational industry and odds are expressed in many different formats. On betfair, the European system is favoured whereas the British bookmakers prefer the UK system of displaying prices. American bookmakers use a different notion again so a glance at our odds page is invaluable if you want to get the best price across a range of bookmakers. The rise in different gaming opportunities has also resulted in the development of a unique betting language and our Betting Glossary enables the amateur punter to get to the bottom of this terminology. What may seem daunting at first is rendered simple with this dictionary so check it out before you place any bets.